The Wax Room unit is provided with rash of automatic injection machines for the check of the thermo- fluid parameters during the injection process in aluminium / steel dies for the production of wax products.

The process variables are continuously checked to ensure the injection process repeatability in terms of high quality of the wax product.

In EMA a wide  range of wax products could be realized, starting from weight of few grams up to 5 kg and lengths from 100 mm up to 800.

The wax products so realized are then kneaded in a finishing line made by stands equipped with tools necessary for the preparation and the finish of the components. Gradually  the products follow other kind of checks: dimensional (CMM, gauge by ultrasonic machines in case of cores), visual inspection and x-ray (to verify the core integrity in case of).

The components are then assembled in a variable number, according to the type and to the dimension of the specific assembly.

The environmental conditions of the area are continuously checked and monitored, to ensure  always the same job conditions in terms of temperature and humidity, to guarantee the dimensional stability of the wax products..

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