EMA capabilities

EMA is qualified to produce superalloys components for aerospace or gas turbine, using the equiaxed, directionally solidified and single crystal technologies.
EMA is using investment casting production methods, with the goal to obtain a metal part containing:

  • a small dimensional tolerance
  • a good finish surface, with severe metallurgical constraints.

EMA warranty a large series flexible production.
EMA is always working to continually reduce the lead time and time per product and to increase the efficiency and productivity.


In every Department, every single component to be produced is always subjected to the EMA Implementation Operative Program.
This programm is leaded by the technical engineering together with operators to

  • analyse vertically all the production aspects related to the launch of part,
  • fix the injection parameters, to produce the specific tooling for the specific needs,
  • address the possible production disruption causes,
  • achieve, put in place and maintain the best practices in the shortest time

Our goal is to warrantee the high quality standards to the customer during the time.
The EMA Departments personnel is fully trained and the continuous up grade is the basic EMA politics to maintain the high quality standards all over the production cycles..