Post Cast

The POST CAST area is done up the following cells:

  • CUT-UP: for the separation of the components of the assembly, the removal of the moulding remains and the correction and separation of the appendix
  • DRESSING: for the finishing of the surface of the components to remove the indications coming from the previous processes;
  • HEAT TREATMENT: at high vacuum to modify the material characteristic as requested by the customer; some components received also heat treatment at very high pressure (up to 130 atm), to remove possible internal retirements due to the cooling process of the mouldings after the casting: the equipment used for such treatments have technology workstation for the check, the monitoring and registration of all the process parameters such as pressure, temperature and time
  • CHEMICAL TREATMENT: for the preparation of the surface for the following inspections; the components with ceramic core are submitted to leaching operation in autoclave using soda solution with pressure cycles and temperature supervised; the solution used in the process are regularly monitored and eventually correcte or scrapped in function of the result of the analysis done in the EMA laboratory
  • SURFACE TREATMENT: such as vibro polish, abrasive sandblasting, dryhone sandblasting, polishing, to prepare the surface in terms of clearing and ruggedness to the following processes.


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