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All the data contained in this web site is given only for information.
EMA S.p.A. is not responsible for the eventual errors, omissions or delay in the information
contained on this web site. The web site may be updated or modified without any notice.

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All the contents of this web site (pictures, information, schemes, analysis, logo, commercial
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authorisation before use.
They can not be used without the prior written consent of EMA S.p.A., except for the private
and non commercial use regarding the intellectual property rights and all other propriety
Any comments or materials to be sent to EMA S.p.A. through this web site, including
answers to questions or suggestions shall be deemed to be non-confidential.
By sending EMA S.p.A. any information and / or material, the visitor of this web site
irrevocably grants EMA S.p.A. an unrestrictive license to use, distribute, display,
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EMA S.p.A. shall have free use of that information or material, and of any ideas, concepts,
know-how or techniques they contain.

  • Liability

EMA S.p.A. assume no responsibility and shall not be liable either directly or indirectly for
any damages of any kind , or viruses that may infect your computer equipment or other
This web site and its contents are created in accordance to the Italian and European Community law. In the event
of a discrepancy between the Italian language version and the English language version of
this web site, the Italian language version shall prevail.

Data automatically collected : none.
User’s rights
The information in this web site does not contain sensible data as defined in the Italian
Legislative Decree n°196/2003.
The personal data held by EMA S.p.A. is processed in accordance to the Italian law and
The article 7 of the Legislative Decree n°196/2003 grants the user of this web site a
right to obtain information about :
–           the origin of the personal data;
–           the finality and the modality of the data processing;
–           the logic used in case of electronic treatment;
–           the identification of the owner, the responsible and the legal representative.
Besides the user has the right to obtain :
–           the updating, the modification or the integration of the data;
–           the cancellation, the modification in an anonymous form, the data blockage if
processed in law violation.
The user has the right to oppose himself in totality or in part to:
–           the personal data treatment in case of legitimate reason even if they are relevant
to the data processing goal;
–           the personal data processing made for the aim of advertising or direct sale or for
commercial communication.
This right can be used by sending a request without any formality to the owner or to the
responsible of the data base.