To complete the high level profile of the controls capability, the EMA laboratory has all the necessary equipment to perform chemical and metallurgical evaluations of the castings in order to meet the requirements of customer validation, to maintain on going evaluation of production materials and to perform detailed process investigations.

Following is a brief list of the relevant equipment:

– Optical Microscope, CCD, Image Analyser System Qwin;

– Stereo Microscope;

– CamScan Scanning Electron Microscope;

– Section machines;

– Bakelite mounting pressers;

– Diamond lapping machines;

– Polymer Laboratories TGA-DSC (thermal properties measurement of ceramic materials);

– Spectrophotometer UV/VIS;

– IsoHeat Creep and Stress for ceramic materials;

– Rigs for Stress Rupture of metallic samples;

– Hardness Testing Machine;

– X-ray Fluorescence. Major element analysis;

– OES. Optical Emission Spectrometry (hollow cathode) for Low Boiling Point Elements;

– Carbon and Sulphur analysis;

– Oxygen and Nitrogen analysis..

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