All the production components are submitted to metallurgical and dimensional checks to ensure the compliance to the  pattern and to the specifications.

In the list of the metallurgical checks we can find the NDT (visual inspection, x-ray and penetrant test) and the check for the grain structure, including the verify of the primary orientation; in both cases an high specialized staff inspect the production particulars to verify the compliance with the standard.

In the dimensional inspection group we can also find the checks pass / no pass (profile scan, gauge, ect..) and the checks of pattern characteristics (CMM, OMM, gauge by ultrasonic in presence of cooling passages, dimensional inspection).

In case of particulars components, it is possible to perform  further test, for example measure of air/water range, inspection of the cooling passages, conductivity test.. The high precision machines used for the dimensional tests, together with tools monitored periodically by visual inspection and by metrological checks, ensure the production of components of excellent quality..

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